BCH Ignite is the Bitcoin Cash Workspace

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The goal is 5 billion daily active users. BCH Ignite is how we get there.

BCH Ignite is a shared workspace where everyone working on Bitcoin Cash can see and talk to everyone else, and where we can onboard new people, ideas and projects into the existing frameworks for maximum harmony, productivity and efficiency. BCH Ignite aims to enable the optimal discovery of every project, opportunity, news item, person, etc.

BCH Ignite is an open platform for everyone interested to stay up to date on Bitcoin Cash. Connect with software developers, adoption teams, businesses, investors, media outlets and more from all around the globe.

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We welcome all Bitcoin Cash projects, teams and individuals that are focused on building BCH.

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There is no cost to participate in BCH Ignite.

Build your BCH Business, and Grow

Looking to build a business on Bitcoin Cash? Lead the Bitcoin Cash evolution and profit by building a BCH business. Mentors stand ready to guide you and membership is free.

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