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BCH Ignite Business Plan

BCH Ignite’s ultimate aim is to be a Bitcoin Cash business factory. With minimum funding, we aim to recruit, orient, train and mentor individuals new to Bitcoin Cash to where they are part of a team with a solid business plan that serves BCH mass adoption goals.

We aim to get qualified teams seed funding and then assist them in achieving their business goals and getting additional funding rounds as needed.

We aim to connect these teams with mentors, investors and team members.

We aim to recruit these teams mostly from the developing world, as we believe that is the most fertile ground for Bitcoin Cash mass adoption.

First 6 Months Deliverables

Within our first months, assuming we are fully funded, we aim to achieve the following metrics. With partial funding, we will aim to achieve a proportional percentage of these metrics.


  • number of members: 500
  • number of active mentors: 20
  • number of active teams: 20


  • number of patrons: 50
  • total amount raised to date: 107 BCH


  • number of livestreams: 26
  • livestream concurrent viewer maximums: 100
  • tutorials published: 10
  • courses published: 1
  • number of times courses are completed by new BCH builders: 10


  • number of brainstorms that successfully resulted in a new team/project: 3
  • business plans published: 2
  • teams  with seed funding: 1

BCH Ignite Monthly Budget

Here is our initial target monthly budget. It includes up to 4 staff categories: Community Manager, Head of Growth, Moderators (part-time) and Business Development. The tipping pot is so we can tip members who make extraordinary contributions. Tech includes such things as a Zoom account and a monthly Discord Boost.

Tipping Pot$500

At this time, we are seeking to raise 6 months of funding, USD$25,680, or ~107 BCH at current prices.

PROGRESS: As of 20 May 2020, we have raised 0.00228798 BCH, or less than 1% of the goal.

What Patrons Get

Patrons can donate on a monthly or one-time basis and get rewards as follows:

  • the exclusive “Founding Member” profile role in the BCH Ignite Discord forever, if joining at any level before 30 June 2020
  • the BCH Ignite Discord profile role that corresponds to your donation level, so everyone knows you are a stakeholder
  • access to the #minnows channel for any level of donation
  • access to the #dolphins channel for donations above 100 BCH
  • access to the #whales channel for donations above 1000 BCH
  • priority access to read new business plans one week ahead of the public
  • all donors get a mention on, with more prominence based on cumulative total donation amountUTC
  • your logo and a link back in the footer of for donations above 10 BCH
  • exclusive weekly video only for Patrons sharing our progress and that week’s new highlights
  • first dibs on opportunities to take equity positions in the businesses we foster and produce

We also stand ready to negotiate custom packages such as sponsorships for Discord channels, livestreams, video tutorials and more.

Patron Levels (per Month)

Fiat equivalents are rough, not precise. Payable month or (ideally) annually.

  1. Ember 0.005 BCH $1
  2. Flare 0.02 BCH $5
  3. Tinder 0.05 BCH $10
  4. Spark 0.1 BCH $25
  5. Glow 0.2 BCH $50
  6. Heat 0.5 BCH $100
  7. Ignition 1 BCH
  8. Fire 5 BCH
  9. Blaze 10 BCH
  10. Bonfire 50 BCH
  11. Wildfire 100 BCH
  12. Inferno 500 BCH
  13. Firestorm 1000 BCH

Patron Levels (one time)

One-time donations confer lifetime titles.

  • Pep Talk 10 BCH
  • Sentiment 25 BCH
  • Warmth 50 BCH
  • Spirit 100 BCH
  • Passion 250 BCH
  • Fervor 500 BCH
  • Zeal 1000 BCH
  • Ardor 5,000 BCH 
  • Ecstacy 10,000 BCH
  • Obsession 100,000 BCH

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